It Is Begining...

2010.03.29. 14:54

Today was my first english lesson. It's an "upper intermediate" course, and it takes a whole month. (April) On all weekdays, 6 hours per day. It has to be usefull! :)

Henceforth every day, I will write an english entry too, on this blog. Because I have to use all the way to practice english... PLEASE, if you read some misstake in my text, write it to me in comments. Thank you for your help! I appriciate it really!

Our teacher is came from the States, but she isn't a generic "amcsi". Very intelligent and opened person. She has funny black humour. Maybe because she had terrible childhood. (we talk much about that) Some students don't have the necessary books yet, so we just talked over all the day. Every classmate talked a different issue. "what we like, or don't like?, what we think about this, or that?, etc..." It was good, funny, and usefull.

I promissed for her, I borrow my "Jeff Dunham" dvd. She never heard about him... She must to see it... :)

She doesn't speak hungarian, so we communicate only in engilsh. It's good. She speaks a little bit fast, so I see myself, I have to practice more stronger the speak. I want to feel it naturally, to speak fluently on a strong level ... confidently! At this time, sometimes I need a few sec to put together a sentence, find the correct word in the proper way, and it's not good. So first of all, I have to practice speak!

And one more interesting thing:

She has 14 tatto, and one of them iiiiiiis: a SÜSÜ!!! YES! The hungarian dragon, with (just) one head!

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